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2016 Women's Soccer NEWMAC Academic All-Conference Names Released

2016 Women's Soccer NEWMAC Academic All-Conference Names Released

BOSTON, Mass. – The New England Women's and Men's Athletic Conference (NEWMAC) is pleased to announce the 2016 NEWMAC Women's Soccer Academic All-Conference Team.

Honorees must have met the following criteria: earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5/4.0 scale or 4.35/5.0 scale after the 2016 spring semester, achieved second year academic status at her institution, and been a member of the varsity team for the entire season.

The New England Women's and Men's Athletic Conference consists of 11 highly selective institutions committed to academic excellence: Babson College, Clark University, U.S Coast Guard Academy, Emerson College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, Springfield College, Wellesley College, Wheaton College, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

2016 NEWMAC Women's Soccer Academic All-Conference

Name Year    School
Katherine Cullen 2019   Babson
Kara Fischer 2017   Clark
Macy Golman 2019   Clark
Simone McGuinness 2018   Clark
Eliza Meltzer 2019   Clark
Rylee Simons 2019   Clark
Katherine Swierk 2018   Clark
Kali Borden 2019   Coast Guard
Katie Clark 2017   Coast Guard
Brianna Grisell 2017   Coast Guard
Emily Matthews 2018   Coast Guard
Moira Meek 2017   Coast Guard
Natalie Benjamin 2017   Emerson
Jess Frost 2019   Emerson
Laura Gartelman 2018   Emerson
Mindy Labayen 2017   Emerson
Alexandra Levin 2018   Emerson
Rachel Lord 2019   Emerson
Laura McGuire 2018   Emerson
Elizabeth Noble 2019   Emerson
Kira Venturini 2019   Emerson
Sarah DiIorio 2019   MIT
Jillian Dressler 2018   MIT
Lindsay Epstein 2018   MIT
Jane Fessenden 2018   MIT
Julia Goupil 2018   MIT
Lucy Halperin 2019   MIT
Allie Hrabchak 2019   MIT
Shannon Miller 2019   MIT
Lily Mueller 2019   MIT
Hailey Nichols 2019   MIT
Elizabeth Porter 2017   MIT
Chis Sacha 2019   MIT
Jacqueline Simmons 2018   MIT
Annelise Steele 2017   MIT
Lauren Ullmann 2017   MIT
Catherine Williamson 2019   MIT
Anna Zukowski 2017   MIT
Nicole De Araujo 2018   Mount Holyoke
Molly Hershkowitz 2018   Mount Holyoke
Avia Jacobs 2019   Mount Holyoke
Alex Kenoian 2019   Mount Holyoke
Dale Leonheart 2019   Mount Holyoke
Amanda Manaster 2019   Mount Holyoke
Sophie Manum 2018   Mount Holyoke
Liz Rose 2018   Mount Holyoke
Suz Rose 2018   Mount Holyoke
Sara Sanaú Ruiz 2019   Mount Holyoke
Genevieve DiVito 2018   Smith
Jackie Foody 2017   Smith
Emma Gubbins 2018   Smith
Innis Hitt 2017   Smith
Jordan Isaacs 2018   Smith
Alanna Lynch 2017   Smith
Sophia Mallari 2017   Smith
Maya McCann 2017   Smith
Laurel Reed 2018   Smith
Emily Smith 2017   Smith
Bernas, Olivia 2018   Springfield
Coady, Mikaela 2018   Springfield
Coutu, Aubrey 2018   Springfield
Davis, Jaclyn 2019   Springfield
Fairman, Brooke 2017   Springfield
Feliu, Rachel 2019   Springfield
Inglese, Isabella 2019   Springfield
Kelly, Dakota 2018   Springfield
Lewis, Kelly 2019   Springfield
Marcelino, Monique 2018   Springfield
Messier, Brianna 2017   Springfield
Monsen, Elizabeth 2017   Springfield
Wells, Shannon 2017   Springfield
Alexandra Dionne 2019   Wellesley
Melise Knowles 2018   Wellesley
Zoe Matticks 2018   Wellesley
Gabriela Portilla 2019   Wellesley
Kelly Hoover 2019   Wellesley
Jaime Espinola Grad   WPI
Jane Bingel 2017   WPI
Janine Fatal 2017   WPI
Lindsay Schneider 2017   WPI
Cierra Ford 2018   WPI
Karina Larson 2018   WPI
Lizzie Rooney 2018   WPI
Hannah Modelski 2019   WPI